"I started Piano seven years ago when I was in grade five. From the very start I found myself in very comfortable environment that not only encouraged musical enjoyment, but also an exploration of a creative passion. In my classes with Mrs. Williams I discovered the beautiful artwork of music, and it has stuck with me for all of these years. Under this warm and welcoming piano experience, I have found that I have always been very eager to play the piano, not only each week in lessons, but also at home. Mrs. Williams has always encouraged music from the heart, and that has made all of the difference when learning, when playing. It has always been about putting ourselves into the music, putting our own heart into the music that we want to hear and play. But beyond that, there is a technique of friendliness that prepares us for recitals, and exams. These lessons are new and exciting each week, and they bring out the best musicians that each of us can be; whether it is classical, country or Broadway, there is music for each of us here."

-Jared Wong

"For the past 7+ years our home has been filled with the sound of the piano. Suzanne has created a love of music and a joy of playing the piano in both of our children. We never have to remind the children to practice their lessons, they practice without being asked even on holidays and in the summer. Suzanne has a very kind and patient way of teaching that encourages each students' unique talent and interest. She has created in our home a lifelong appreciation of music and the piano is a place to relax and express yourself at. We would highly recommend Suzanne as a piano instructor to others."

-Shannon, parent of two students

"My piano teacher, Suzanne Williams, has done so much for me in the aspects of my music life and many other parts of my life. She is always willing to give us extra piano lessons especially before exams. A couple years back she gave me extra one hour piano lessons every Friday afternoon, for no charge. Sometimes she even takes time out of her weekends to help students who are not available during the week. Piano was not always something I enjoyed very much. I only took lessons because my parents wanted me too. I hardly put in an effort and did not practice at all. She helped me to enjoy piano by helping me learn how to play pieces that I was interested in. She has taught all of my siblings. Even though we all have very different personalities she has managed to bring out the best musically in all of us. No matter what your learning style is she is always able to bring out the best in her students. Some of us are competitive and she is able to adapt to that. Not all of us enjoy exams so she is able to adjust to that and helps you with what you would like to learn. She has made a lasting impression on my life and changed my views on music forever."


"I was a piano student of Mrs. Williams for eight years, progressing from Grade 3 to successfully completing my RCM Grade 10 examination with 1st Class Honours. Mrs. Williams is patient and encouraging, teaching not only the practical aspects of piano playing, but also the joy of making music. She is a punctual, thorough, and organized teacher who communicates clearly, is easy to talk to and open to the student's questions and music preferences. Her endless creative suggestions for practicing helped me to understand and enjoy exploring the character and style of each piece. I always felt well-prepared for the RCM exams, including the technical requirements and ear training portions, which we would practice and test frequently before the exam. Her private studio recitals introduced all her students to performance practice and gave us an avenue to share our music. Studying with Mrs. Williams has increased my passion for music, which I continue to share with the community today as a professional musician."

-Theresa Lane

Theresa is now pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Calgary, is a pianist for St. Joseph's Parish and Canadian Martyrs' Parish, and is a violinist in the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

" Providing lessons to children and adults of all ages, she believes that it is important that every lesson should be fun and exciting. Suzanne is always looking for new ideas and suggestion for learning and playing, and wants to make sure that every student leaves her studio happy and engaged in music."

-Germaine Sereiux